Léa Djeziri und Pierre Faedi: Fragments choisis

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Léa Djeziri und Pierre Faedi: Fragments choisis
Samstag | 13. Oktober 2018 | 13:00 Uhr

Fragments choisis
Léa Djeziri und Pierre Faedi
Eröffnung Donnerstag, 04.10.2018, um 19.30 Uhr

The epic of Gilgamesh is one of the oldest narratives in human history. This exhibition is the result of two months of graphic and printed experimentation around this tale and its echoes in modern society. As we worked on Jean Bottero’s very precise and scientific translation, our main focus was on the missing parts of the story: how they are shown through typographic signs and how, by their absence, those signs create a very poetic and abstract rhythm in the text. Our exchanges gave birth to multidimensional projects, some conducted alone but most completed as a group. These sometimes served to add consistency to our questions, or alternatively, to add a random dimension.

Im Rahmen der Städtepartnerschaft Straßburg/Stuttgart und der Französischen Wochen.

Dauer der Ausstellung 05.10. – 27.10.2018
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